Telegram promises secure group video calls sometime this year

Due to the coronavirus pandemic hit, video calls have gained unmatched importance in recent times. And the service providers, including –Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Meet, and Telegram, are eager for the attention. Telegram thinks that it can take the level of group video calling further by focusing on the security aspect. The messaging app recently made […]

Apple and Google pledge to shut down coronavirus tracker when pandemic ends

This Friday, both Google and Apple revised their very ambitious proposal of automatic tracing of contacts, within two weeks of the announcement of the system. A representative from Apple said that the changes were made according to the feedback received by both the companies concerned with the specifications and how they can work towards improving […]

Nintendo confirms 160,000 Nintendo Accounts accessed in hacking

Nintendo will disable the feature for the user to log into a Nintendo Account through the Nintendo Network –NNID, after the incident of 160,000 accounts being affected due to the attempt of hacking. Nintendo said that the login IDs and the passwords have been illegally obtained by different means other than their services and have […]

Apple and Google will release COVID-19 contact-tracing tools next week

Apple and Google’s COVID-19 contact tracking technology will be released to developers on April 28th, weeks before the companies initially said it would arrive. Tim Cook revealed the information to European commissioner Thierry Breton after the two met by video conference, according to Les Echos. I just had a good exchange with #Apple CEO @tim_cook on the need to ensure […]

Whisper left users’ details exposed in an open database for years

The once-popular app Whisper promises a place where you can share secrets anonymously. According to a Washington Post report, however, it left sensitive information that can be tied to users’ confessions exposed to the public for years. Apparently, Whisper kept a non-password-protected database that allowed anyone to freely browse its records. Those records included users’ age, ethnicity, gender, hometown, […]

Apple reduces capacity at store events to deal with coronavirus outbreak

Apple is grappling with more than just iPhone shortages as it takes precautions against spreading the novel coronavirus. Company chief Tim Cook has sent a memo outlining a series of new steps to reduce the chances of people spreading the virus, including changes at stores. Apple is trying to “maximize interpersonal space” at its shops, including by reducing the […]

Google now giving away three months of Stadia access to Chromecast owners

Google is slowly but steadily opening its Stadia cloud gaming service to more interested customers, with a new promotion starting this month that offers three months of its Stadia Pro subscription to owners of Chromecast Ultra devices. It’s not required that you buy a new device. Rather, you just have to opt to receive promotional […]

Microsoft’s Edge browser is officially coming to Linux soon

Microsoft had teased that its upcoming Chromium-hinged Edge browser may come to Linux during its Build developer conference in May. That time, the browser was in its initial public testing phase and so there existed many uncertainties. As a matter of fact, one did not even hold an access to a beta channel back then […]