Telegram promises secure group video calls sometime this year

Telegram promises secure group video calls sometime this year

Due to the coronavirus pandemic hit, video calls have gained unmatched importance in recent times. And the service providers, including –Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Meet, and Telegram, are eager for the attention. Telegram thinks that it can take the level of group video calling further by focusing on the security aspect.

The messaging app recently made an announcement about introducing a secure group video call feature this year. In a blog post, Telegram wrote that video calling in 2020 is similar to that of messaging in 2013. Several apps available are either usable or secure but cannot promise both.

Although Telegram didn’t release much detail, it was evident that the messaging app was taking a dig at the quite popular video calling app –Zoom, which is currently facing tad pressure to fix the bugs concerned with the privacy issues.

In response to the blog post, Zoom has established a security council and has promised its audience for some updates soon. However, that won’t prevent the competitors from taking a hit against the shortcomings of the application.

Telegram is known for having a robust track record in preserving the security of its users. It is one of the most trusted messaging apps, and it allows its users to delete the messages sent retroactively. And now, everyone is looking forward to its upgraded video calling feature.

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