Apple and Google pledge to shut down coronavirus tracker when pandemic ends

Apple and Google pledge to shut down coronavirus tracker when pandemic ends

This Friday, both Google and Apple revised their very ambitious proposal of automatic tracing of contacts, within two weeks of the announcement of the system. A representative from Apple said that the changes were made according to the feedback received by both the companies concerned with the specifications and how they can work towards improving them.

Both Google and Apple also made sure to release a page dedicated to “Frequently Asked Questions”, which highlights most of the information that has been already a part of the announcement.

Later on, a call accompanied by the announcement representatives from Apple and Google pledged to disable the services of tracing the users once the outbreak has been contained sufficiently. However, they further added that the decision would be made on a region-by-region basis.

Also, how the public health authorities will determine such a decision is still unclear. But, the engineers further said that the APIs created for tracking the devices of the users weren’t created with the intention to be maintained indefinitely.

The design changes have been made in order to address the privacy concerns of the users, right after the initial release of the feature. Under the new encryption system, the daily tracing keys will be generated randomly instead of mathematically deriving from the user’s private key.

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