Zen Leaf Buchanan Starts Recreational Cannabis Sales

Zen Leaf Buchanan Starts Recreational Cannabis Sales

An announcement was made by Zen Leaf in the previous week that its Buchanan dispensary in Michigan will be starting the sale of recreational cannabis. Currently, the retail store is only dealing with the pickup transactions; it will soon begin its delivery services as well.

The general manager of Zen Leaf said that Zen Leaf’s mission is of promoting wellness and elevating the welfare of their customers who entrust the company by choosing to deal with them. Lincoln Rose, the General Manager, further said that anyone who visits their shop with a doctor’s prescription or by choice, they would welcome every member of the community with equal glee and want to be serviceable to all of them.

He further said, with the extensive knowledge that they possess about marijuana, they would want to help every neighbor in their locality. Out of eight locations of Zen Leaf’s retail stores, Buchanan would be the second to endeavour the sales of recreational cannabis.

The General Manager said they view this as an opportunity to serve the people of Michigan. And he cited the positive effect that medicinal marijuana can have on the lives of the people.

Rose further added to his statement that they are immensely proud of the collective experience that they have been having by operating in Buchanan and believe in adding value to the lives of their customers through availing marijuana for adult use.

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