Orlando police seize 124 pounds of cannabis in drug trafficking bust

Orlando police seize 124 pounds of cannabis in drug trafficking bust

The Orlando Police in an investigated seized about 124 pounds of marijuana and $100,000 in cash. According to the reports released by the Department of Orlando Police, the members of an organization were dealing with the shipment of marijuana that departed from California to Orlando. Four suspects were arrested by the officer.

The Orlando Police Department said that Marlon Penny was the head of that organization, and Jeff Henrisme was flying from California to Orlando with the cannabis on a Sunday. The officials arrested them at the airport.

They caught Ayanna Stuart and Kadeem Cooper while they were transporting marijuana into their suitcases. The suspects were indulged in stashing around 114 pounds of the drugs in five different suitcases. The investigators also search for two different unspecified locations and found cash of $96,354 and rest of the remaining pounds of marijuana.

Cooper and Henrisme were arrested with the charges of drug trafficking and conspiring to traffic more than 25 pounds of cannabis. Penny and Stuart were charged with the same. However, Stuart was accused of another crime of possessing marijuana with the intention of selling the drug.

All the four suspects of the drug trafficking business were booked in the Orange County Jail on Sunday.

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